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    During the 2017/2018 school year was held the XIV -th National competition “Young Economist 2018”, under the slogan “The voice of the young people for strong economy”

organized by the Union Bulgarian Economists (UBE).

   The theme of the competition was “Regional disproportions in contemporary Bulgaria: economic, demographic and social challenges".
    Second and third places in the school students’ category were awarded to Silviya Ivanova Andreeva and Mirela Gospodinova Gospodinova respectively, studenst in X-B class, specialty

Economics and Management.

    Silvya Andreeva and Mirela Gospodinova presented with dignity the High School of Economics “Knyaz Simeon Tarnovski” and defended the leading position of the school in

economics and entrepreneurship education.

    The High School of Economics “Knyaz Simeon Tarnovski” proved again that it educates ambitious, learned young people capable of coping with any challenge.

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