High School of Economics with awards from “Science on stage – 6” in Sevlievo 28-30.10.2017 - High School of Economic; Stara Zagora; Knyaz Simeon Tarnovski; Official WEBSITE

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High School of Economics with awards from “Science on stage – 6” in Sevlievo 28-30.10.2017

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The festival “Science on  stage – 6” is a way to make science popular among students. It is held once in two years in Sevlievo. Students present projects with original ideas in the area of physics, astronomy, chemistry, biology and mathematics. It is organized by the Ministry of Education and Science, National organization committee, Sivlievo Municipality and  “Vasil Levski” Secondary School.

111 students as well as 31 teachers  from Sofia, Kyustendil, Stara Zagora, Parvomay, Troyan, Gabrovo and Sevlievo took part in the event. The projects were presented in four different ways – stage presentations, seminars, workshops and stalls and were evaluated by four commissions lead by prof. Ivan Lalov, deputy chairman of The Union of  Physicists in Bulgaria.

The High School of  Economics “Knyaz Simeon Tarnovski” attended the forum for the first time. Ten students from 9-th grade developed 4 projects which were presented with 4 posters and 4 presentations. The posters were exhibited in two stalls and included also photo album, experiments, a beautiful banner and advertising materials about our school.
The presentations were on the following topics:

  • Ecological Stara Zagora, presented by Stanislava Metodieva and Dalia Ai-Atar, IX v class

  • Let’s build science, presented by Magdalena Deneva, Mariyam Sakaz, Victoria Petrova, IX v class

  • Of a cat, a needle, coffee and more….. presented by Poli Yordanova, Rositsa Taneva IX a class

  • Radioactivity – a compass of time, presented by Yoanna Dobreva, Galina Hristova, Yoanna Boycheva, IXa class

Our students received two awards – third place for attending the seminars and a plaque for the presentations handed by  Mrs.  Temenuzhka Yovcheva from Plovdiv University, member of the jury. An honorary diploma for the project on ecological issues was awarded to Stanislava Mtodieva and Dalia Al-Atar and their teacher Mrs. Tonka Ivanova by Mrs. Milka Dzhidzhova, chairman of the National students’ Eco Parliament. All students were given certificates of attendance.

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