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  • 15-th September. Every new school year starts with ceremonial raising of the national flag of the Republic of Bulgaria.

  •   “Let your thought be as clear as water is. Let the rich Bulgarian speech flows as water flows. Let you pass from class to class as the water impetuously jumps from stone to stone! ” Welcome to our school eight graders!

  •  Weaving wrеaths  and garlands of flowers and decorating the portraits of the first Slavic scholars Cyril and Methodius with them on  the eve of 24-th of May, is a tradition at the High School of Economics.
  •  Every year the days of May are full of colour, fun and excitement in connection to the farewell meeting and yearly ball of the last year students of the High School of Economics.
  •  “For escorting the flag of the High School of Economics” The farewell ceremony of  the last year students includes  handing on  the school flag to the most merited followers.

  • Parting  with our beloved school! Presenting the diploma papers to the students with best wishes for successful realization in life.

  •  30-th June the end of the school year! We celebrate with songs, dances and deserved recognition for the most distinguished students.

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