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On April 2, 2012 Discussion club "Debate" in the High School of Economics arranged a meeting with Dr. Stefan Stefanov, a professor of theology at the Pedagogical Faculty of Trakia University - Stara Zagora. The meeting was dedicated to Christian values. On the eve of the big Christian holiday- Easter, the participants tried to revive the sense of Christianity as a living tradition that had not been forgotten and they had to continue it.
With the issues that had the opportunity to ask Dr. Stefan Stefanov, students showed that Christianity was a real challenge to young people and that today we need Christian values as universal values more than ever. With its fascinating story of his life and artistic career, the theologian provoked participants in the club, again, to think about good and evil, of the sin, of the purpose and origins of the post ... to realize once again that democracy and the pursuit of European integration can be done only by people with high morals.

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