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Education - The Best Life Insurance

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Our life is pursued by a lot of risks. Objective or subjective, risk situations always offer at least two alternatives. Each risk varies between “zero” (with a possibility for a catastrophic final) and “unity” (as a way out with an optimum result). In such situation education appears as an objective possibility to foresee the risk of your own realization nearer to the unity. The education itself is a way to provide for financial stability and mostly future as well as personal satisfaction.

Eh, isn’t it worth gripping the textbooks?
Education is an investment in your personal future; it is a guarantee for your complete professional success. Therefore, it is a guarantee against your failure. The possible ways out are always two- either to win everything, or not to lose anything.

Nowadays the surge of highly qualified and skilled people gives rise to enormous rivalry on the labour market. Not only talented people are being looked for but specialists who protrude with experience, knowledge and enthusiasm for work. Such qualities are accumulated as a “fund” when concluding insurance “Education”, in which the insured and insurer is only you. The striving for financial stability and personal realization is the main reason for the increased interest in the very “insurance”. Looked that way, education would be the most desired and pursued ambition for every person. Unfortunately, it is not right for many people underestimate its meaning. Not realizing the complex puzzle of risks, which life could offer to them, these people choose seemingly the easier and surer way to lead them without educating themselves…

At the same time, education remains the only way for a person to be up to date with the complex world of their present; to become a part of it. Education is the only way for a person not only to become familiar with the rules which make the modern world go round but to change the rules, to create new ones, ruling their own life in a direction faced the “unity”.

Education “insures” risks not only in our own life but it “insures” the unknown in the next generations’ life, of the still unborn, those who one day will take the risk to live in a world woven with alternatives. Their parents’ education will be the foundation which they will rebuild with their own knowledge, talent and ambitions. Educated society create a higher life standard and at the same time more social relations through insuring risks with the help of different “instruments”- such as health insurance system, pension insurance system as well as socially engaged policy. Therefore, if you are worried that there are not enough alternatives in front of you and future seems unstable, do not waste time and choose the right school which will provide you the proper education and the desire which you can go ahead with. Be sure that your diploma will turn into your surest life insurance shelf.

Maria Stratieva

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