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Spain- Developing the Collaboration between Vocational Schools and Business, Aiming the Increase of the Quality of Students’ Internship.


Beneficiaries: The teachers in Economics in the High School of Economics Partner: Grupo 3, Estudios De Mercado, Marketing Y Opinion S.L., Granada, Spain.
The project activities are going to be directed to the teachers in Economics, the students and the local business. The teachers in Economics in the High School of Economics work constantly in order to ensure real work places for the students so that they will be able to carry out their professional placement. The process of organizing the students’ internship as well as the negotiations with the local employers are always connected with peculiar difficulties, for example, the lack of the employers’ engagement, on one hand, and on the other hand, the same employers’ requirements for excellently- prepared students whose skills and knowledge correspond to the labour market requirements.
The realization of the cooperative work between our school and the Business aims to improve the interactive mechanism. Thus, the level of practical education could be improved in respect of the requirements of the labour market. Therefore, we expect the efficiency of carrying out of the students’ professional placement to acquire new positive dimensions. Accordingly, it is of importance the teachers to become familiar with the European standards and dimensions with respect to the carrying out of the students’ professional placement in real business atmosphere.

The basic goals of the project are:
- Teachers’ professional competence to be improved in order to organize the professional placement through being acquainted with the host institution’s experience.
- To improve the quality and to increase the cooperative level of our vocational school with the financial and non- financial institutions and the Business which are able to ensure practical training of the students.
- The internship to be optimized by putting the host organization acquired experience into practice.
- To encourage and to aid the acquaintance with innovative practice and systems aiming to improve the quality of the professional preparation.
- To carry out educational activities in order to develop the teacher personality.
- To encourage the mobility activity of employers and employees.
In order to be able to succeed in achieving the goals we offer some important stages:
- Preparation phase; coordination between the two partners, organizational activities.
- To visit the host country for studying the European experience, European standards as well as good practice; to study how to establish a stable relationship in the contacts “school- business” in connection with the student internship in the partner country.
Multiplying the acquired experience in the High School of Economics as well as in all the target groups.
- Final report about how to apply the European practice; analyzing the conditions for applying the innovative practice in vocational education, opportunities and obstacles for their implementation. We expect to achieve the following results:
- Improvement of the professional skills of the beneficiaries: they gained experience, acquired new knowledge and skills in the field of the carrying out of the professional placement; they acquired specific skills for negotiating with business representatives and organizing the student professional placement.
- Knowledge how to establish stable contacts between vocational economic schools and Business; the beneficiaries enriched their experience in searching for new methods and approaches in the sphere of professional education and training.
- Acquaintance with the innovative systems and practice.
- Improvement of communicative skills.
- Enriching the cultural view of life.
- Improving language culture in the specific professional sphere
The mobility activity will be taking place from 31 March, 2012 to 13 April, 2012 in Spain, Granada with Grupo 3, Estudios De Mercado, Marketing Y Opinion S.L.

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