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Knyaz Simeon Tarnovski
High School of Economics - Stara Zagora

KNYAZ SIMEON TARNOVSKI HIGH SCHOOL OF ECONOMICS, the oldest vocational school in the region of Stara Zagora, has developed its economic image since 1921.
Hundreds of specialists were educated in our classrooms - famous Bulgarian bank clerks, eminent financiers, talented managers and accountants.

At present, there are 653 students, aged 14- 19, and 50 teachers in our 25 classrooms, labs and computer studies. There is a big gym, available for both students and teachers. Our modern library overflows with economic books, teaching materials, reference books, workbooks, novels, etc. and it has always been enriched by various organizations and foundations

The educational activities as well as the teaching ones are carried out in the very close collaboration with the local economic organizations, scientific and cultural institutions, either Bulgarian or European. With their help we modernize our school equipment, develop our teaching skills, and encourage our students’ desire for being more confident and more capable; to be able to show their best.

The High School of Economics enrolls its students after a successfully- passed Maths exam at the end of the 7th grade. We have excellent students with a high motivation to succeed in the future. The distinguishing symbols of the school- the uniforms and the monogram- were created ten years ago. The flag has existed since 1921

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