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First school day

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For the 93-rd time The High School of Economics opens its doors for its alumni – the ones who have already loved their school  and the newcomers who would come to  know and affiliate it. On this day all young Bulgarians start their way at school, following the steps of the first scholars, the apostles Cyril and Methodius. School is the place where knowledge is priority and the acquired wisdom – a way to our country’s prosperity. It initiates the most honest conversation about   man–time- society- future with the help of teachers lighting the fire of moral values that keep the time honoured pillars of Bulgarian society.
The morning of 15-th September 2014 in High School of Economics is full of anticipation and excitement, especially for the students from the 8-th grade who step onto this new, unknown but also challenging territory for the first time. It is also exciting for the graduates from 12-th grade, because of their forthcoming farewell with so many good memories and friends. Soon they will  step on the big, full of trials road, heading to their future with dignity. And for all the rest this day full of music, dances and hopes is a blessed beginning, because knowledge is energy, light and a power of creation

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