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Educational-Training Firm /ETF


With the assistance of Austria on the framework programme ECO NET, a modern Educational Training Center in economics has been developed at High School of Economics. This center includes several Educational Training Firms (ETF) in which real business environment is being simulated. The educational firms present themselves at national and international fairs.

The tuition in Educational training firm is a method with the help of which students receive professional qualification within the framework of a practically orientated educational process. They observe and trace commercial processes and their interconnections, as well as the entire management of an enterprise.

At the same time students acquire social experience and improve their team work skills. The educational training firm is simulated, virtual, fictitious copy of a real firm, in which the participants can perform and practice all the activities of the real life companies, except work with real money, production or services.

The Educational Training Center at High School “Knyaz Simeon Tarnovski” includes the following Educational Training Firms:

  • Globus Ltd.  Activity: Tourist agency; Tutor Mrs. Galina Dimitrova

  • Electra Ltd.   Activity: Trading with office equipment and computers; Tutor - Mrs. Donka Bineva

  • Educational Accounting House “Finance consult 14”.   Activity: Accounting and tax consultancy; Tutor - Mrs. Veneta Yorgova

  • Moka  Ltd.  Activity: Coffee and confectionery sale; Tutor - Mrs. Ivanka Stoyanova

  • Kalea  Ltd. Activity: Tourist agency; Tutor - Mrs.Ivanka Stoyanova

  • Siera Ltd.  Activity: Transportation and customs documents processing; Tutor - Mrs. Penka Koeva

  • Golden Border Ltd. Activity: Customs Agency; Tutor - Mrs. Tanya Raleva

  • Universal Creative Bank LTD. Activity:  Credit granting, depositing, payment services ; Tutor - Mrs. Tatyana Mitkova

  • Elmotech Ltd.; Activity: Wholesale and retail trade with computers, peripheral devices and program products. Tutor - Mrs. Zhaneta Tsvetanova

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