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High School of Economics has experienced a lot of memorable changes since its foundation.

  • September, 1921 - Slavi Abanozov founded the first Mixed Lower School for Trade and Cooperative Work in the region of Stara Zagora.

  • 15 September, 1921 - the school opened its doors after issuing an order by Ministry of Trade and Industry.

  • 12 September, 1923 - the school was renamed Mixed Trade School.

  • 1937 - The school was named after Simeon, Knyaz Tarnovski and was changed into High School of Economics.

  • 1921 - 1939 - the school did not possess its own building and the students had attended some private houses in the town. 1939 - The present building was endowed to the needs of the school by Slavi Abanozov.

  • 1944 - The High School of Economics became a state school and was renamed Economic School.

  • 13 August, 1951 - The school was called Business Secondary School with the following departments: State and Cooperative Trade, Industry and Construction for a Capital Asset Fund, Banking and Insurance, Industrial Accountancy.

  • May, 1953 - The school was called Economic Secondary School.

  • May, 1972 - Economic Secondary School celebrated its 50th Anniversary.

  • 15 September, 1995 - a modern gym was opened

  • 10 October, 1996 - Minister of Education, prof. Ilcho Dimitrov, issued an order for restoring the school’s previous status- Economic Secondary School became High School of Economics.

  • 1996- Our first modern computer study opened its doors equipped by Japan.

  • 10 March, 1999- two more computer studies were opened as well as the office of the Educational Training Companies

  • 16 June, 2000- The Municipality of Stara Zagora and The Ministry of Education restored school’s patron’s name Knyaz Simeon Tarnovski. A solemn ceremony was celebrated.

  • 27 April, 2001- High School of Economics celebrated its 80th Anniversary.

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