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Certificates from Cambridge

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  The demand for knowledge with perseverance and responsibility to oneself and others, leads us to here- the awarding of certificates from Cambridge to those who successfully passed the exam!
International prestige and Cambridge's world-renowned name add to the importance and usefulness of exams, making them extremely popular among students. Examinations are consistent with the Common European Framework. Certificates have been recognized by more than 12,000 organizations around the world in more than 80 countries.

  Preparation in the consultation hours of English with Mrs. Antoaneta Hristova gives students the necessary knowledge skills for success, and last but not least, faith in their own abilities.
  This type of international exam is a tool for comparing and evaluating the effectiveness of learning, that motivates students and measures their progress in English language studies at the "Knyaz Simeon Tarnovski" Commercial School, Stara Zagora.

 Our students are rewarded for their hard work and perseverance with internationally recognized certificates from the world leader in the assessment of English language skills. The management of the "Knyaz Simeon Tarnovski" Commercial School congratulates:

  • Ivailo Totev Totev, a 10th “g” grade student, to achieve an excellent level of English language- C1;

  • Stanislava Ivanova Metodieva, a 11th “v” grade student to achieve B2 level in English;

  • Daliya Isam Al Atar, a 11th “v” grade student to achieve B1 level in English;

  • Viktorya Petrova Petrova, a 11th “v” grade student to achieve B1 level in English;

  • Kameliya Milenova Hristova, a 11th “v” grade student to achieve B1 level in English;

The High School Director, Ms. Snezhana Taneva, officially handed the certificates of the dignified students to the Cambridge International Exam System to acquire the internationally recognized English language certificates. Ms. Taneva congratulated the students for their results, and wished them to be persistent and purposeful in acquiring knowledge and skills in the foreign language and computer science profession! Let students acquire the confidence needed to achieve future academic and professional goals!

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