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6th of December - the professional holiday of High School of Economics

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At the celebration were given the following  awards:
1. The prize  in the name of Rumen Kamburov, a long-time geography and economics teacher at High School of Economics “ Knyaz Simeon Tarnovski”
2. Certificates and Diplomas to prominent students in other professional fields other than geography

Last, but not least, there was a wonderful dance from the majorettes and special musical greetings from the vocal and rock group of the High School.

Special guests were:
1. Mrs Penka Atanasova - Senior Expert at the Regional Inspectorate of Education Stara Zagora
2. Mr. Dyan Dimitrov - former student of  High School of Economics, Municipal Councilor and Chairman of the Budget and Finance Committee of the Municipal Council of Stara Zagora
3. Mrs. Zina Kamburova - long-time teacher  at the  High School of Economics and Principal of the Vocational School of Clothing and Nutrition  in Stara Zagora
4. Mr. Zdravko Georgiev - former  Rumen Kamburov’s  student and editor-in-chief of Radio Stara Zagora
5. Mr. Zhelyazko Dinev - former  Rumen Kamburov ‘s student and Director of Television Stara Zagora

Mrs. Taneva – Principal  of High School of Economics welcomed  and congratulated guests, teachers and students on the professional holiday - December 6th.

Many competitions in various economic disciplines took place.the  week before the event:
1. "Knowledge is Wisdom” This competition,  which has already become a tradition,  was held. as a part of the initiatives of the  school holiday. This year it was organized by the Methodological group of                    Economics but also with the support of the Young Ambassadors of the European Parliament at  High School of Economics;
2. A logo creating competition. A competition for creating a logo for each of the specialties taught in the school. It was organized by the Methodological group of Informatics and Information Technologies;
3. Stenography competition It was organised  and conducted by Mrs. Plamena Peneva;
4. Presentation of the school training companies.

Rumen Kamburov Prize

Rumen Kamburov was a long-time teacher of Geography and Economics at the High School of Economics "Knyaz Simeon Tarnovski". After the sudden death of this loved by generations teacher, his former students Dimitar Zhelev and Georgi Valentinov established a prize in his name. It is given every year on December 6 - the professional day of the school. The prize is awarded to outstanding students who have been successful at Olympiads and Geography and Economics competitions as well as other Economics and Accounting competitions The prize amounts 500 leva.

This year the winners were: Silvia Andreeva, Zhivko Petrov, Mirela Gospodinova and Stefan Kolev from the 11th grade.

The prize was presented by Mr. Diyan Dimitrov and Mr. Zhelyazko Dinev - former graduates of the High School of Economics.

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