3 March, 2011 - High School of Economic; Stara Zagora; Knyaz Simeon Tarnovski; Official WEBSITE

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3 March, 2011

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   In conjunction with the celebration of 133rd anniversary of Bulgarian Liberation, the students from the 9th grade together with their class teachers- Mrs. Atanasova, Mrs. Kotova, Mrs. Terzieva, Mrs. Stamatova and Mrs. Ukalska gathered in the school yard on the 3rd of March early in the morning.
  They all were congratulated by the headmaster, Mrs. Zhekova. The History teacher, Mrs. Pantova, told them important historical facts and events in relation with the holiday. The vice- principals, Miss Yarakova and Mrs. Palazova were there as well.
  The solemn procession left for the Monument of Liberation where they presented flowers and wreaths as a token of respect to all known and unknown killed soldiers in the battles for our Liberation.

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